Vortex Containers

SkyHook Product Notice*

We listened and heard you!

All new Vortex containers, manufactured from November 1, 2014, will be Skyhook ready. This is now a new and standard design feature of the Vortex. There is no additional charge to the standard Vortex but allows an ‘after delivery fit’ which many of our customers have asked for.

A fully fitted Vortex with Skyhook can be ordered OR if the choice is to order a Vortex without a SkyHook, the Vortex will be ready for a later SkyHook fit.

SkyHook fitting after delivery will require a new free bag (with SkyHook assembly), new risers, a new cutaway handle and a new reserve handle. This kit can be packed and fitted by a qualified rigger.

Check with your dealers on price and details.

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