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Parachute Systems, formerly Chute Shop, was founded in 1984, by Chris Dales (an avid skydiver and long time competitor). Chris' vision was to manufacture high quality, safe, innovative and affordable skydiving equipment for skydivers around the world. Parachute Systems is one of the few manufacturers in the world that makes a complete system comprising the harness container and main and reserve parachutes. Parachute Systems also produces complete military combat systems. The Vortex, which was granted the TSO approval in 1998, now comes completely Skyhook ready and has evolved to include the newest innovations in the industry while constantly prioritizing safety and quality. One of the most competitively priced product ranges internationally, Parachute Systems prides itself on excellent customer service and an energetic and active dealer network.

Vortex Containers | Hurricane Elliptical Parachutes | Volt Semi Elliptical Parachutes | Ventus Hybrid Parachutes | Decelerator Reserve Parachutes

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